6 Oct 2016

Bad Book Project is one year old!

The Bad Book Project had it's first birthday at The Marwood Coffee Shop and Studios and we got the original line up back together. (Miles couldn't make it so we had Vince step in).

We celebrated with balloons and party bags for the audience members on Thursday 22 September having lots of fun. Below is Joe reading his bad book choice next to the balloons. Joe has a phobia of balloons. That's commitment.

I’m so pleased with the way this night has evolved and what it has become. The night is made extra special and unique by the talented people who come along to read and the fantastic audience. The audience are able to sit and relax in an intimate environment upstairs at The Marwood. It always gets hot and sweaty! We even have a competition for best bad book which is judged by the audience and there are prizes! No two nights are ever the same and I love the way it’s rough and ready with the audience and the readers always having a brilliant time.


The idea for the night came about by having to read really bad scripts while doing my acting diploma, finding crap books in charity shops and watching, 'Celebrity Autobiography' on Youtube.

The actual inspiration for the night was a video of Kristen Wiig reading from the Suzanne Somers Poem book, 'Touch me'. (I mentioned this is in my first blog over a year ago about Bad Book Project). After watching this video (repeatedly), I ordered the poem book from America years ago (costing a whopping £25) knowing it would one day be read at a night like this and I wrote in my notebook idea for Brighton night, ‘Bad Book Project’. 

When I came to find my notebook years later and wanted to start an alternative comedy night I knew I had to use that title and use The Marwood for a venue. The Suzanne Somers book has been read by various guests throughout the year. It's like the Holy Grail for this night!! 

The night has always been a fusion of ideas from worldwide nights that I think are brilliant such as the American events like 'Moth' and 'Celebrity Autobiography’.

Our readers choose bad sci-fi, celebrity autobiographies, childhood stories or diaries, emails from funny family members, ‘how to’ books, self help and so many more….the only rule - No 50 shades of Grey nonsense!

From researching for my night, of course I know there is also an event called, 'Bad Book Club' run by Robin Ince in London many years ago. I have heard of it, but I have never seen/heard it or read the book about it. When I decided to go ahead with my night I got in contact with Robin Ince on twitter to make him aware of my night and to tell him what I was planning which was different from his night. He replied telling me to go ahead with future night, saying he didn’t invent reading from bad books and wishing me luck. I know also know there is a great night in London called, 'Cringe' where people read out their childhood diaries or stories.

In whatever project I take on I always strive to make it unique and original. I am so proud of this night and look forward to it evolving more, especially with the new ideas I have stashed up my sleeve. It is unlike any other night in Brighton and it's always free!

Make sure you follow us on twitter and Instagram at @BadBookProject and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BadBookProject

You can listen to previous Bad Book Project events on Mixcloud at https://www.mixcloud.com/jane-postlethwaite
We also now have badges so people can show their love for the night!  

Hope to see you at the next one!!


Poster artwork by Billy Mather Illustration 2016 

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