29 Aug 2015

My photo diary of the real progress of the i360 #Brighton #i360 #Hove

Robots arrive to start work on the i360

The top of the i360 arrives
The i360 and the West Pier battle it out

Controlling who uses the beach - Predictions of what the i360 is really going to be used for

Robots continue work on the i360

The i360 just about makes it through the recent thunder storms

The top of the i360 accidently gets delivered to the Royal Pavilion

The real truth about the i360 comes out and residents are livid

The top of the i360 accidently gets dropped into the sea and no one cares
Everytime I look at the i360 I wonder who will be the first couple will be to have sex up there
Crowds gather as the tower reaches the full 162 metres and the new top of the i360 arrives from space

1 comment:

  1. This is spookily similar to my theory that the West Pier is, in fact, the decaying carcass of a steampunk era Transformer that perished protecting the earth from an attack by the Decepticons.

    The i360 is actually part of a guardian device set up to protect the remains and the Allspark, a source of unending power, that lies within the West Pier as it cannot be safely removed by mankind.